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I just wanted to share what progress I have done on my SE ROTJ Boba Fett. I am so proud to own everything that is on my fully posable mannaquine. I would like to name where all of it came from as I want to give credit where credit is most certainly due.

Helmet - AFF$ (built and painted one of a kind I might add)
Jet Pack - MLC painted by Fettpride (from his personal collection)
Armor - Made and painted by MOW (includes all armor)
Gauntlets - Made and painted by Ruffkintoy
Chest LED - Tk409
Cape - TK409
Flightsuit - Boba Maker
Spats - Boba Maker
Vest - Boba Maker
Side pouches - Boba Maker
Gloves - Boba Maker
Ammo Belt - 99centaco
Girth Belt - Petsmart dyed by Myself
Boots - CABoots weathered by SpideyFett
JP Harness - Shunned
Wookie Braids - Braided by Me

Still need to weather my belt to screen accuracy and grab my shin tools and toe spikes. Im sure ill swap parts out here and there, but I just wanted to give you guys a progress thread. Let me know what ya think. The pics are on thie link below.
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Wow that is a nice costume (y)

up until now i was happy with mine, now.....................:(

seriously well done. Now just go and dirty it all up :)
Man, i love it how we have this Rockin SE ROTJ fett, and soon to be one Rockin ESB fett...ALL IN OKLAHOMA!! MWHAHAHAHA
WOW Camblin...that looks great...:eek: ...

Looks like you got your's done before any of us old timers...(not me).

Love the pose of the Mannie..
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Thank you guys for all the nice things you have said. Like I said I am very proud of everything that is on my costume from the little things to the big things.

Alex, dont forget you had a hand in this also and I thank you..:cheers (y)
I started :love:love:love when I saw the list of where you got the components from. Dude that looks amazing right there! You've done a pretty darn good job!
Nice suit and cool mannequin pose. Now all you gotta do is take it off the mannequin, put it on and start costuming with it! ;)
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