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Jr Hunter
Hi everyone it is with a heavy heart I must let my esb boba go I would prefer to sell it as a whole, however if someone is interested in the lot just minus a part or two we can work that out also... asking 3300 obo

.Rkd armor plates- these are I believe the v3 pieces,all pieces have been painted very well!, fastens to armor via grommets includes fettronics chest lights ,collar studs are functional also includes metal knee darts cod also has the accurate grey 1" "thong strap" knees also include the accurate "white elastic"

.shin tools real Patterson squeegee and chemical stirrer along with home made parts for the remainder of the tools

.home made jetpack harness-include real u.s divers buckle and strapping

.DVH jet pack very nice paint job with metal beacon(lights up) and stabilizer , also has a blue dental file installed also proper accurate metal hardware for mounting to the harness
Thrusters and rocket are removable via wingnuts

.evolution props boots size 10.5-include metal toe spikes and Nike soles installed

Sidearm and holster- these are make shift and not screen accurate and only meant to be a placeholder till you can acquire a proper set so they are not affecting the price and are simply included

.jump suit by MOW (manofwar)- two piece jump suit this allows for a bit more flex ability in terms of fit I am 5.9 200lbs and the suit fits me it also fits my my 6.0 mannequin built more like someone who is 180 so this suit has alot of room for you size wise

.Flak vest and neck seal by MOW- in terms of size the same applies to this as with the jumpsuit

.gloves are mow size large

.cape MOW premium wool cape his has been weathered to perfection and is a very nice piece of the costume

Ammo belt- vinyl correct 7 esb pouches(non functional) and belt closes via velcro this piece is very nice

.Girth belt- cant remember the maker but it was purchased here it is perfect color and includes strapping

.wookie braids - these are a hit of a mystery I'm not sure who I acquired them from or if they are synthetic or real horse hair however they are not totally accurate to the movie so they are included as a place holder and do not affect the price

This is a used set of parts and as such it will have some small scratches/ tears but nothing major it is over all a great deal to get you started(and nearly finished) a very high quality esb outfit please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have


Jr Hunter
Still available however the jetpack is no longer a part of the offer so the price is now 2600 rather than 3300


New Hunter
Just looking for ammo belt and boots. If you like to sell them, contact me please
Maybe also the gloves...
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