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Greetings my fellow Mandalorian pursuers! As you can no doubt tell I am the new ‘kid’ on the block and I had a question. I am already in the process of making a Mandalorian costume (not screen accurate) and I was wondering if I could enlist your expertise.
I have been reading the posts and it is very obvious that the theme here is screen accuracy. So I guess the first question I need to ask is ‘am I in the right place to ask these questions?’ I have come here because of all the Fett sites this one………of COURSE……is the best to be had.
The question I have about the helmet is as follows. I have a large head; not my ego just genetics :lol: ; and I need to get a bucket that is sturdy AND has ample room in it. Just so you know the application, I am team captain of a paintball scenario team called the Mandaloirian Commandos. We play 24 hour scenario games and being the Fett freak that I am I want to incorporate the armor into my persona. SOOOOOOOO for the helmet I need to get one that has some decent room in it so that I can modify my goggles to fit in there.
I bought a DP 95 and it is just too darn small (not to mention all squishy when it gets hot). So I was wondering if you find people could point me in a better direction. Should I make my own? Do any of you sell larger sized helmets? What is the meaning of life? (scratch that last one….sorry)
Any help you could provide would be MOST appreciated. By the way, everyone’s armor is all kinds of pretty…….good job. I will wait to post my other armor questions until I determines everyone’s receptiveness to this crazy idea. Thanks for the time!
Hello and welcome! Most helmets you'll find in this community are made of fiberglass and would crack if shot with a paintball... not sure you'd want to have that happen.
I'm pretty new to the game as well but as far as i know.. The THD is ALWAYS the right place to ask about Fett / Mandalorian armor. Custom or Screen accurate. If you want a big helmet to fit your googles/facemask i think that a "Mystery" helmet would be the best bet.
As long as it's out of glassfibre and not resin. I think that resin is too weak against paintballs.
But i wonder if the acrylic t-visors found on ebay are strong enough to withstand the impact of a paintball? You might want to try to buy one of those a (16 USD) a give it a few shots. If they hold up you can use that and skip the mask inside. Just have to find a way to secure it properly. But i guess you won't be able to expect any sympathies from the insurance companies if anything goes wrong.

but i'm sure you'll get a heck of alot more advice from the "pros" here than my simple post..

Good luck

I was thinking about that as well. I have been working on some strengthening techniques with carbon fiber that might work. I was thinking about making a whole helmet out of carbon fiber cross laid with Kevlar, the only problem there is I don’t want to be the dreaded re-caster you always hear so much about. Those guys can kiss my :moon
If I had a large cranium and wanted to acomodate the goggles and stuff, I would look for an MSH 2 or MLC 2 which are pretty big buckets.
MLC makes some pretty sturdy fiberglass ones.
I would also use a welders face shield for the visor because of its strength and because it IS screen acurate! :D
If you go that route though, you would need to secure the T-Viso in VIA a screw mounting system which goes all the way through the mandibles and right into the Visor. The excess sticking out of the front can be sanded and patched up before painting.
I would also run a couple reinforcement pieces across the T Visor on the inside to just add some support.
That should do it.
Good luck in your endeavor and as always, take a ton of pictures to share
Trust me, my own safety is paramount. I am and will continue my consultation with ASTM Subcommittee F08.24 to ensure my helmet meets their specifications for safety. That is why I want to put an already approved small form factor lens in the mask. Hence my desire to find a big bucket.
I believe the MLC helmet's the biggest. That lid would probably fit R2-D2. If it's a tightly laminated fiberglass helmet, it shoul take the impacts just fine. You should use a polycarbonate faceshield, from a cycle helmet for the t-visor, and anchor it through the helmet. I'm sure a helmet could be made safe, but you will still have to deal with the loss of peripheral vision.
scence your not looking for screen acuracy Id say go with a Don Post. that way you minamize the visor area asmuch as possible and you dont have to wory about fiberglass or plastic blasting you in the eyes when you get hit.:lol: Oh and change the visor
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