Mythos Fett Sacros K-11 Blaster Pistol (now trophy sabers and a genade launcher too)


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Just another side project, a blaster commission to go with the sniper and other pieces:


Not too much to say on this one, it's a pretty simplistic blaster. I did a little research here on dimensional estimates, and then pulled a decent set of references from the Sideshow reviews out there:


After getting those together, jumped into Blender and worked up a 3d model of the blaster in components to make printing and finishing easier. I also worked up a custom holster with an interior form-fit to the lower section of the blaster frame and barrel.. Besides not wanting the weapon rattling around loosely, that barrel tip doesn't need anything to snag on and risk damaging or breaking it clean off. To that end, the fit inside the holster forces the barrel tip to slide up cleanly and out.
mythos renders 1.png

And, after some creative parts separating to help with the finishing, here's the result:

The frame, barrel, grip and greebiles are all separate to make finishing easier, the trigger is also set into the frame and articulates. I really like how clean this blaster design is, with the separated pieces it will prep and finish very nicely. Thanks for looking!

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nice work, that reminds me of the ESB sidearm that mlcallanta made back in the day, back before the Pulce speargun and nemrod holder were identified as the original props . As I recall he used the Sideshow figure as reference and scaled it up to make the first “accurate” ESB sidearm and holster.



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Oh, here's a link to one I built from an actual Nemrod speargun. This was way back, before we had more info other what the handle looked like.



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Absolutely love that. I suppose I specialize in prop weapons and armor, I could have developed this a lot more, but was sticking to the Mythos references. Fun to do this sometimes, I did a lot of work (somewhere on this site) developing 1:1 Kenner Boba Fett Missile-launcher pieces as well :)

Side-promotion bump lol, a lot of my work can be found here:

Indigenous Effects

Ironically, as a kid my dad had likely 3 Nemrods, just from his diving work outside of the Air Force. I still go through old photographs these days and see the goofiest things, stuff we never knew would matter later. Oh well, coulda woulda shoulda (y)


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Still going on the Mythos accessories,

So where we were to this point was the Sacros blaster above that kicked this thread off, besides that we've already got:


0824 render 2.jpg

0908 fett illuminated.jpg

...and the DLT-19 SNIPER


Trying to wrap up other parts now, so it looks like the concussion grenade launcher, EE-3, and the saber trophy hangers he has off of his belt. I'm saving the EE-3 for last to add some extra features, here's where I am with the other pieces:

Grenade Launcher: A really simple piece, not a lot of greeblies.


Doesn't look like much, but I think once it's refined, printed and finished with an aluminum stock shaft and a turned barrel, it will hopefully be pretty sharp.
033121 launcher 1.png

And the belt hangers...

These are sectioned and cored with a rod to strengthen them up and make finishing easier. Should be fun to finish.

mythos saber hangers 2.png

So while these are printing, on to the EE-3. Hopefully I will have some finished piece pics to post this next week. (y) Thanks for looking!