Mystery Helmet (ESB or ROTJ)


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Hi, please help a newbie. I have a “Mystery” Helmet in the post and would like to know if it is closer to the ESB or ROTJ helmet. I thought that while I wait for the helmet I could get started with another part of the costume. Just wondering if I should go for ESB or ROTJ.

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well, some might disagree but I and alot of others are convinced they are identical and that any differences in the model of the helmet are there due to handling and assembling.

most of the credit for that kind of finds have to go to Tylerdurden and Brak's Buddy I believe. (this picture is also from one of them...I think... god I have gathered alot of ref and I got no clue as to where it all came from anymore).

If its the Sarge "Mystery" helmet you speak of, it works for either. I would say the one difference that is glaring to me as far as shape of helmets with the ESB vs the ROTJ is the ROTJ dosnt have the wavy brow to my understanding. The Mystery helmet dosnt have this either. But there are numorus differences between the mystery helmet you speak of and the details on either helmet. One being the lower angle on the bottom right of the left ear and the detail on the right ear between the ear cap and the lower earcap.
Thanks guys, I think maybe the best idea would for me to start with a ROTJ costume, this at least gives me a option on how to paint the helmet either the ROTJ for ROTJ or the ESB for ROTJ Special Edition.
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