My Zam Costume


Here are some pictures of my (much improved) Zam costume. I know it's not REALLY done yet, and I'm missing my holster and gun (those are still in the making) but I think it looks pretty good, what do you think?


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Wow looking awesome!!!!! Though it grieves me everytime i see that yummy neoprene!!!! ARRG LOL It looks like you got a great fit on the suit. I hope my costume turns out half as good

P.S Feeling a bit cheeky but .... If Anyone has any useable amounts of the neoprene left over I'd be happy to buy from you ... erm lemme see what i have here ... my soul for them :)

Zam I Am

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Ya fixed the stomach plate. It does look a lot better.
Um, did you make a whole other vest? Or did you just glue the inner stomach plate pieces in?


I made a whole new vest. This one is also real leather, the other one was not. I'm glad everyone likes it! I'm still gonna get a different helmet and my new shoes are in the mail. So I'm gonna keep upgrading until it's perfect.


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Looking good Gaeriel!!!! :)
thanks for sharing the pics! It looks like it was a good time.
I'm relieved to hear that you were able to be ready in time...even though the postal service wasn't helping ;)

take care,


Thanks, yes Robert Englund was really cool. Even though I look like hell on that pic, it was a really long day ;)
But I'm already working on more improvements on my costume
1. A new helmet
2. A new belt
3. Of course: the shoes


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Robert Englund is really cool. I have met him a couple times. He is definately one who appreciates his fan base!