My \'\'Vynil\'\' ROTJ ammo belt \'.. / PICS.. Link works..


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My ''Vynil'' ROTJ ammo belt '.. / PICS.. Link works..

Finally got the link to work...

Thanks to the insparational ideas of certain board members here ''you know who you's are'' ,well I finally put together and finished my ROTJ ammo belt. These pouches are all funtional I made the boxes myself and they are all metal and almost weightless. ALL the belt needs is some weathering. Anyway on with the pics. Hope the link is working.

secol FETT

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looks awesome
what pattern do you use to make the belt and pouches :)
can you share with us :D pleaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee :)
my vinil pouches are ugly, and i need to make ones like yours :)

thanks for share
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snake fett

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wow, working pouches!... i have seen a few of those from time to time. you must get the tools that goes on them from the don post mannequin, sometimes they sell them on ebay.
BTW, do you have any kind of tutorial for those puppies? :D
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worked ok for me, and this is what I like to see.
VERY nice bit of scratchbuilding there. GREAT work
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Can you send me the tutorial please?

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