My Sintra Built Custom Bucket

Here is a progress photo or two of my helmet made from sintra pvc and other things. Soon I will have some more to post. I used a Dave Mirra bicycle helmet.




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Roger you old Pirate. It's Gilmore at JOKC...

I saw your progress on the boards, I'm glad you finally made it over here!

The bucket is lookin AWESOME
The red is spraypainted. I used krylon red. The gray and black bits are hand painted. It took me a bit to get the black tribal lines on the top to look like the paint was chipping off and faded. I'll have to post some better pics once I get the visor in it. I used my webcam to take the pics, so they are poor quality. Apologies!
Finally done. Visor is in, mesh installed on breather, fan installed, foam installed. Here is the finished product. Thanks to all of you for your ideas and suggestions. Thanks especially go to Rick Y. for all the encouragement and the "laser sight" components.


The laser sight is basically a custom made housing that has a micro-mini mag light inside which is shining through a small piece of red plexiglass and then the lens from one of those disposable cameras. Go to Wal-mart and ask for used ones. THEY GIVE THEM AWAY! Most of the odds and ends on the helmet are taken from inside ONE of these cameras.