My Second Helmet Paint


Sr Hunter
I painted my first helmet veeeeery quickly. I needed it for an event, and so I didn't have a lot of time to work on it. I've mentioned before what a piece of @%%^! it was, so I'll skip that rant this time.

But, waiting off to the side was the helmet I got from Fettspride very early on in my Boba project. Some of you might remember this coming up in the cargo hold:


Well, a bit of painting later, it now looks like this:


And a couple of detail shots:



Between #1 and #2, I definitely learned a lot about using the layered painting method, particularly regarding how the paint behaves at different levels of dryness.

I found that letting the silver base cure fully, masking, then letting the other layers dry, but only for a few hours left the top layers pretty easy to scratch / peel / etc... Once the paint had been dry for a couple of days, it became much harder to scratch it off.

I'm sure I'll have paint job #3 at some point, and that it will come out better still. I'm pretty happy with the improvement from the first to this one!

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