My Second Attempt

TK 4130

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Here was my first attempt...

And here's my second go around. Not 100% accurate by any means, but it was still a lot of fun to do.





Well it may not be 100% accurate <yeah and like I'd know what was:lol: > But it's still a damned good paint job, Very nice work indeed, my hat is well and truly tipped to you.

TK 4130

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OK, here comes a silly question. What exactly is dull coat? I know what it does, but I looked around at a few places and I couldn't find anything labeled as dull coat, is that what it's called? The helmet does look shiny in the pics, it might have something to do with all the snow/glare. :facepalm
I believe dull cote is just a name that some hobby paint brands uses to describe a clear flat varnish. But if I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

And I like the paintjob, by the way.
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