My scratchbuilt trout...I mean cod


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I have been wanting to get this piece done for quite some time! I had cut the pieces a long time ago and tried several times to get it put together...failing miserably each time.

I finally hit upon something that worked well for me. I glued center detail to the main piece at the top and then glued some spacers in under it to get the thickness that I wanted. Then I used caulking to make a barrier around the edges and then filled the middle up a little at a time with Elmer's Ultimate Glue (same thing as Gorilla Glue).

After all that I trimmed away the excess and bondo'd and puttied the edges around the detail piece. Cut the dent in with a knife and then filled it in with Bondo and smoothed it out.

I will add the 2 little vertical greeblies later...



Thanks for checking it out and comments are welcome and appreciated!

Also Thanks go out once again to WoF!!!
Whoa ... great jorb there! 2 questions for ya:

1) What did ya make it outta?
2) How thick is it? You said you carved out the dent, so it must be pretty thick there, ... no?
Whoa ... great jorb there! 2 questions for ya:

1) What did ya make it outta?
2) How thick is it? You said you carved out the dent, so it must be pretty thick there, ... no?

1) Same trasch cans as posted in the trash can armor method thread

2) so no it's not really that thick. The carving out part was because of the solidified expanding glue underneath the plastic.

Thanks for the input!
Dang! Looks very nice! Could we see some progress pics, please?

Unfortunately this is probably the only piece I have made that I didn't take progress pics of.

Probably because the progress was so ugly!

The first time I tried this I tried just filling up the edge with bondo and smoothing it out. The main problem was that the plastic kept flexing and the bondo would break away from it.

Then I tried to fill up the middle with adhesive silicone to get the pieces to stay together with no flex, but the middle of that never cured fully so I had to pull the whole thing apart and clean away the nasty, gooey mess that was left.

And this time (The time that actually worked for me) with the caulking stuck all over it and the Glue that kept finding a way to push the caulking open in places and seep out, well....


It was really ugly! The above was just some of the leftover from cleanup.

This next pic shows the back and the steel bar I've been using for reinforcement purposes. I am not making suit to wear I am just making a static display so not everything has to be that practical for me.

The steel bar was used so that the sides of the codpiece couldn't flex so much that it would separate the bondo from the surface. It seems hard to find anything that sticks really well to those darn traschcans!


These are really the only pics I guess I took of this piece. I 've already got the cod with a layer of "chrome" on it now.
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That looks really sweet!! I heard that the type of glue you used expands as it sets. It this what caused the mess?

Yeah, but I was counting on it expanding as I wanted it to fill in the space between the two pieces.

What I was not counting on was the glue seemed to push apart the caulking in some places like it wasn't even there. This had nothing to do with the expansion of the glue as I had just put it in at that time and it doesn't expand until it starts to cure.

And once some of the glue gets through you can add more caulking to try and seal the leak but it does'nt do much good as the glue has an almost greasy quality. New caulking wouldn't stick to the old.

That's really where the majority of the mess came from. However the glue both cuts and sands relatively easy so the worst part of the cleanup was getting all the caulking off.

I don't think I'm going to try and make another one of these anytime soon!
Just thought I would add a pic of the cod with most of the color on. Still need to add the yellow and black spatter...

Looks good so far! How did ya do the different shades of green / black?

It's actually all different shades of green. I paint it with a base color and then airbrush with the same color mixed with some darkening shades. Then when that is dry I airbrush back over some areas with the same base color with some lighter shades mixed into it.

I also paint the chrome first and then use masking fluid.

The yellow I will do topically.
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