My Scratchbuilt Galactic Marine - 99% Completed

I think you did an incredible job on your GM. :) Big improvement on the belt boxes, which I'm sure were probably quickly put together for trooping as you worked on better ones. I agree with you about the helmet cowl, but I'm sure you'll have that squared away in short order. Terrific work!
Awesome looking build


That picture is full of win!
thanks you guys! Yes small adjustments to do... and that picture is a favourite of mine as well! (the gun is actually a WWI Vickers Machine Gun replica i made some time ago, remodelled to look futristic :D)
Hey, I've been looking into making my own galactic marine costume, and I stumbled upon yours (Looks amazing :D). I was just wondering if you have any sort of material list, or location where I can get armor files to print? Really any resources you may still have would be wonderful!
Thanks, Ian
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