my rubies, i think?


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my custom mando..

hey all, havent posted ever, but bought some stuff from the cargo over a year ago, been busy with school/work and the occasional working on my pieces, but ive decided to start posting about some of my progress...the helmet definitely gave me a lot of trouble, and it is a custom mandalorian set. a few questions before i post pictures...i tried different ways to make it "battled" but none seem to look as good as most of the ones ive seen out there. so please, feel free to put out your opinions and comments. The visor is a little messed up from bending it into shape to plaster it in the helmet, it doesnt look as clean as it should :facepalm.
i took these pictures before i sprayed a little bit more black over most of it, to dim the colors a bit more




ill post gauntlets, and updated helmet pics after my camera cord comesin the mail...hopefully tomorrow
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In order to get that dirty damaged look I recommend a brown ink wash over the whole thing, giving particular attention to the weathering. That'll dirty it up and help to give it that realistic used look.


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Awesome tip Othar! Something else you can do is put a black artists pastel chalk to sandpaper, shake the dust into a small container then use a 1in brush to brush the dust all over the lighter colors of your helmet. Make sure to brush it in good so it gives you a wispy darkened look like carbon powder. Finish it up with a good spray of craft sealer to keep water from washing it off.

Very very good job on your helmet so far!


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The thing I used to dirty up my bucket was some brown and black shoe polish. It was the scuff repair kind from wal-mart. I would paint a little on wait a couple of seconds then wipe it off. The longer you leave it on the darker it'll get. If you let the brown dry completely it looks like rust. I used the same technique on my tusken and it turned out great. Hope this tip helps.


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gauntlets, chest/helmet

thankfully, my brother let me borrow his camera, so i could put up my gauntlets, and progress on the other parts of the set, i still need to shave around some of the chest plates and then repaint them/battle em up/dirty em.
the gauntlets also need to be dirtied up a little bit more and painted inside with either black or metallic...theyre also missing the side gun piece and the side flame thrower...i lost em :(

im still missing cod and knee peices, which ive ordered already, and for boots, im just gonna use my old jungle boots from the Airforce.