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Check it out, I just added it to my helmet. Worked out pretty good IMO

That's sweet! Can we assume those were originally green lights of some kind? If so that supports my original Rangefinder set up. :lol:
Awesome - very well done

Is it Hollow?

So does that mean you can make me one for my almost complete M_S ROTJ :)bucket.

You have PM
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I think those might be wires that connect to a white-light bulb. The Jedi helmet originally had the same black detail piece as the Empire helmet, but it fell off some time before Jedi.
Impressive .......... most impressive . After much deliberation and some research I have come to a conclusion . I am in the market for a bucket upgrade and seeing your work... well let's say ... the hunt is over . I will send you a PM

You are trying to hurt me with this right ;) Another superb RF!!! These details have been overlooked for far too long IMHO and I for one am ecstatic that this peice has been done to perfection.:thumbsup:

I keep coming back to this thread for reference! Any chance you might go into some details as to how you did it? So it's cast?...what does inlaid mean? Or did you have to saw the plastic and polish in places? Any room for LED's in the top of the RF? :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

PM sent...
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