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finally got the stock greeblies done and attached, thought i'd put it up for some feedback, be kind.. its the first one I've done

Still needs to be weathered up but here it is





Thanks for lookin
Thanks everyone

ya i'll be weathering it when i get my airbrush, then i'll go at it with a few techniques learned from the boards on weathering.

Big thanks to all the people who do these scratch builds and have posted their progress along the way and inspired me to take this on myself, I know it's not 100% spot on acurate but until I can afford the Holy Grail of EE-3's (the Hyperfirm) this will suffice.

Thanks again

BTW this was made using the toy gun method, PVC pipe, bondo, cheap 4x15 scope, funnel (barrel tip), oak (the stock), white plastic cutting board (stock connector) various nuts, bolts, washers, screws. Was a blast to do and figure out a few hurdles along the way but all in all I think it came out rather well, I even made the stock greeblies myself out of a "NO Parking" sign and a few washers and krazy glue.
Yeah, it looks great.

Just weathering to do yet, and I would definately weather the stock up because right now it has that NEW wood look

Yeah, I will weather the stock up also. I did at one point toy with the idea of keeping more screen acurate and having the stock black, but like others I prefer the wood look.

thx all
Finnished weathering......

Though as with all Fett parts im sure i'll never finnish messing with it and leave it be ;)

Thanks for the comments everyone, pic's deffinatly don't do it justice




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