My ROTJ blaster


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Finally got my blaster near completion.




Thanks to TDH for the resources and examples to get me motivated

Thanks to wizardoflight for the stock and stock connector templetes. Your templetes rock, and we all appreciate the time you put into them

Thanks TK409 for your website. The blaster dimensions and the reference pics helped me make this look at least somewhat accurate

Thanks R_boba_fett. You directed me to the right resources to get the info I needed. Your blaster was the inspiration for me to build my own.
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The base is an 1851 Navy revolver replica. The rest of the body is PVC pipe, pvc fins. Real Glenfield 4X15 scope, oak stock cut from 2 pieces glued together then cut to shape, and aluminum stock connector. That and about 2 weeks worth of evenings. TK409's site was crucial for dimensions, and I used wizardoflight's templete for the stock. I am still pretty new at this too. Best thing to do is get all the reference pics you can together first and make a plan before doing anything. Makes it much more enjoyable.


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That looks real cool, always liked the ESB version more but this one just makes me want both, this is gonna get expensive as always. Great job.


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Well I could not leave well enough alone and redid the blaster a little bit-



I redid the body to make it a little more accurate and built more accurate greeblies. Also got a little rust in there and made the blaster a little more gray-



So I did a flat black base, then hit it with some rust misting. Rust was made with chocolate brown and crimson red acrylics in a 3:2 ratio, with the airbush. They I airbrushed some charcoal gray with the airbrush. Then I added some silver spots to some edges, make them look worn. Then put a little more rust on with the paintbrush. Finally hit with a matte sealer and she is done. I'm a lot happier with it. Alot more weathered and beat up.