My new (not for long) Bucket, WITH PICS!!


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Website to see pics..!! thanks..
Okay I know you guys have seen this on Ebay by now and here in the cargo hold, but I just wanted to finally post some really good pics of this bucket...I want to first thank MARROW_SUN for the great helmets, well worth it, thanks Jordy.
Second Trooper TK-409 for the great website. BIG HELP!
And of course all here at THE DENT. Awsome info. THANKS GUYS and GALS.

So here it goes: First let me say, It's amazing what FLASH can do to the colors of the helmet..Believe me when I say they(paints) are all the right colors according to Rogue Studios, and my photography skills I'm sure don't help. So here are some with different FLASHES..

With straight-on flash, same room..