My New Helmet - is this a Deluxe? *PICS*

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Howdy fellas,
I've been on the RPF for quite a while as a Sandtrooper enthusiast ( and have recently added Boba Fett to my collection. I recently received this fiberglass helmet as well as all the fiberglass armor. I have a question about this helmet. It measures 10" across at the widest point and about 10" from the top to the bottom of the ears. Can someone tell me if this is really a Don Post Deluxe? (the maker said it was cast off a deluxe and I really want to trust him). How much bigger is the movie-sized helmet? Anyone have a photo of the Movie-sized helmet next to a deluxe? or next to an Armor F/X trooper helmet?
Thank you!
- TK-409



As compared to my Armor F/X Trooper helmet
I am not sure, I thought that the regular DP RF where the only ones that leaned towards the helmet and that fullsie helmets RF where staright and it looks like yours is leaning towards the helmet. So I am not sure but great paint job.
If it was casted from a Delux it wont have metal ear pieces.

By the way welcome to TDH. :)
If it has never been painted over then I would say it is the DP Dlx because it has the gold RF ear piece and the reguler DP's are silver. Thats my imput and from the size its probably an original dlx or a recast.

BOBA PHAT wrote:

It looks like a DP Dlx to me. The Dlx visor cut out is too short on the sides, just like yours ;).

Concur. And welcome aboard Chris! Glad you could join us! ;)

Stay safe.

Hey, welcome Chris :)

I think another tell-tale sign of a DX is the physical damage. If you have physical cuts, scrapes, and chips, particularly around the (when wearing it) corner of the right eye, you can be reasonably assured that it came from a DX.

I know someone has excellent comparison shots of most of the Fett helmets, I'm sure they'll be up by days end.

I agree with JMP, I can see the tell-tale DP Deluxe scratches above the visor on the rangefinder side. I would bet the farm it is a DP Deluxe (that is if i had a farm to bet:))
Who did you get this pics from, or at least let me know who did you get your FG armor and helmet from. Last week I bought from a TDH member thru Ebay the very same bucket. He said it was recasted from a Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet with a ROTJ paint job. The green earpiece in the left side is still green with no white arc, and remember the scratches in the RF top. I have the pics to prove it, and I'll do that tomorrow. PM me for info. I'll PM you right away with the sname of the guy in the RPF (probably is the same one).

Thanks for the short answer and for the PM...It's exactly like the one I'm waiting in the mail soon, from the same person. Same colors, same size, even the same scratches. Heres a pic of mine from Ebay:





Now, I don't know if the ROTJ helmet, it's left ear piece was green or silver, which I think it's silver looking at the Reference CD. This helmet (according to the guy who sold it to me) the left ear piece is green. If anyone knows, let me know. I'm planning to still customize it a little bit more, specially the kill marks (add a little orange or yellow and add the decals like the ESB version, but with silver earpieces . Like I said before, I'm customizing to have a 50/50 version of ESB and ROTJ (mostly ROTJ).

Thanks Tyler for the note, and I was right then (the pics from the Reference CD tells everything!) All I needed was a second (or third, or fourth) opinion. Now I know what I'm gonna do with it once I get it in the mail. ;)


Jaster Mereel wrote:

That set of Chest/Shoulder bell armor almost looks Custom Mandalore'ish, awesome look though!

Yeah, definitely not the look I was expecting. I'll be repainting it to look more subtle - like the movie armor. I'm also going to add real dents - these are just painted on. The maker is a great guy and a VERY talented artist - I'm just picky.
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