my new armour thread

shade 99

hey guys long time no see. this is a new helmet that i painted and such, i was just wondering wht u guys think of my helmet? my photos are not that good but of wht u guys can see is it good?





shade 99

heres my full one so far. tell me wht u guys think cause im a pretty critticle cridic of my own work so i dont know if ifts that good =) lol.

no armour.jpg


armour cape.jpg

back cape.jpg

cod pice.jpg

gauntlet 1.jpg

gauntlet 3.jpg

gauntlet 4.jpg

frontal gauntlet.jpg



gun 3.jpg

gun 4.jpg

knee pads.jpg

shin tools.jpg

shoe 1.jpg

shoe 2.jpg

full boba 1.jpg

full boba 2.jpg

The Clayster

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I have one question:
That looks like a Boba to me, and you are posting in Dented Varients, why is that?

Other than that, it looks good.

shade 99

oh that reason is at the time i kinda forgot about which thing i was in then after i made the toic i found out it was in dented variations and that was an accedent=)lol oops.


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That looks really great. Only problem that jumps out at me is the amount of space between your collar and chest armor. It seems a bit too much to me. Not sure if it's just me though. Amazing work though! Nice paint job!


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i hadnt really notcied till you said askywalker98 but i think you r right the collar and pectoral plates should be a lot closer than that...other than that it is one great suit of armour...well done