My new armor (ebay + a little reworking)


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I picked this set up from the ebay seller schubywon, he was mentioned in another thread for his store that sells Fett armor. It came with some very simple straight silver battle damage, so i did a little reworking.

can anyone give me a quick tip on how to reform sintra? i need to reshape the groin piece a little so it curves a little more at the bottom, to better fit in the well...groin area!

any comments / suggestions? its my first set of armor. i misted it with some black / grey paint. added some rust / yellow to the silver weathering, added additional steel paint to the weathering to make it stand out more.

here are the pics, click for full sized versions.





also, next thing i need to do is cut in the holes for the chest display...

and the knee pieces have no rockets...those wil have to be added as well.
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I think TK-409 has some good dimensions for the chest display slots on his site. Two options for the knee darts: resin forms or aluminum.


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Not to knock it, but it seems really small. I would repaint it completely, if it was mine, but other than that, if it works for you, it's all good. ;)


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You can re-shape it with a heat gun , hot water, ect. maybe 120 degrees F MAX, not much more other wise it might warp or melt! Also for the side darts go buy one sq. ft Sintra for the portion you'll need to attach the darts to. You'll need to make a flare to mount the darts to. Use a template so there the same.(hint; modified ball point pens make good inexpensive darts!) :lol: Laugh but it's true.


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i reshaped the groin piece to make it fit better, its not small at all, its just that the knee pieces are VERY big, im going to have to cut them down a bit. Everything else fits and looks great.

I also just finished cutting the holes for the chest display.

I'll have to see how it all looks once all my other stuff comes, im waiting on everything but the helmet, which i haven't ordered yet...its a pain.

If the colors look off once everyhing else is tgether, i might repaint hte whole thing from scratch.


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hey emozzi -
thanks for posting photos and info on these armor parts. So you would recommend them to someone who is looking for some as i am? i contact seller yesterday and seems like a nice decent fellow...
I'm going for a different color scheme, not doing the "boba or jango" but a custom Manadalorian outfit with the ideas and looks of the two "Fetts"....
I also noticed your post for the "girth" belt and it looks pretty good. i may try that myself. thanks for the tips....


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yea, i would recommend it, its cheap, but no without flaws. Like i said, i have to rework the knee armor to make it more proportional, and i had to put some more curve into the groin piece. But yea, for 65$ you really can't go wrong!


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so emozzi -
how the project coming along? I bought my armor and helemet from him today.should be getting it in 2 weeks.
I really love thise site, there's so much info....
i still need to figure out a few things on it but i'm finally getting my project off the ground!!!