my new "5 gallon tub" armor, with bell bicycle chest light


This is my new armor, cut using WOF template, out of a 5 gallon plastic pickle tub. Did the chest display using a bell bicycle light, with a laminated and printed template that I got off of TK409's site. Attached it to my vest with a heavy duty fabric glue and velcro fettvest.jpg
That turned out really good man! Maybe it's just the picture but the green in the armor seems flat. Did you mist the armor with any other colors to get a more gritty palate? I think that would make it really pop out more, but everything else looks great! I especially like the chest light display, very clever using the bicycle light!


I need to weather it a bit, with some blacks and browns, thanks for the suggestion. This was my first armor try, I have a bobamaker vest coming, so this is kinda a trial run with my old vest. I plan on starting the build on my more permanent set shortly. I plan on heating a small spoon to mold the dents in the armor, and to do a much more detailed paint job. Had to have this set ready for a troop on Sat.
maybe instead of blacks, us grey-blue tones (I've noticed blue hues when looking at reference pictures in the gallery). I'm not saying black is bad, but if you paint too much of it black, it will make your armor look flattened out, same goes for whites (white and black are like desserts of paint. You can use them, but use them sparingly).

But I'm totally with you on browns! It makes armor look dirty (like he's had a tumble or two down to the sarlacc pit) and gives that extra sense of realism. I don't know if you've weathered the jumpsuit too but if not, do it. The difference between a Boba costume with a weathered jumpsuit vs a clean jumpsuit really makes a difference!

All and all, sounds like you're on the right track though! I'd like to see more pics of your progress later on!


Wouldnt even have thought of using grey-blue, awesome tip, thanks. I've weathered the jumpsuit, using black/grey/brown spray paints, along with the cape. I agree, it made a world of difference. I don't think I will ever be happy with the costume (which is a good thing) It began its life as a rubies supreme that I got for $150...many mods later and many new parts (CA boots, woodman girthbelt, self made ammo belt, mods to both gauntlets, the armor pics above, a helmet repaint, a tint to the helmet visor) I am not ashamed to wear it out and have been an active member of the 501st for about 6 months. However, I still think it has a way to go. Thanks for all the advice guys!
I'm actually working on a Rubies helmet myself! I got it way back when I was little and I don't think it's a supreme version (but it looks a lot better than they are now so who knows :p), but I'd like to make all my mistakes on that thing before I paint the good stuff!

which brings me to one more tip, though it's nothing new, always do test sprays and paint ups on similar material that isn't really a big deal to you. always make sure you know exactly what the paint is gonna do before you spray it on the costume you spent who-knows-what on so everything will be perfect! If you have any other questions or anything, don't stop posting!


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maybe instead of blacks, us grey-blue tones (I've noticed blue hues when looking at reference pictures in the gallery).
I totally agree with you conceptually as blacks and whites should rarely be used without mixing in other tints/ shades but keep in mind just about everything in Empire was shot with a blue tone to it. The gallery images are not color balanced for that.