My MS3 progress pics


Sr Hunter
I got my MS3 kit today, and in true hyperactive monkey style have already started working on it.

So as to avoid posting everything in 5 different places, I'm just going to throw a link to my progress page up here, and bump the thread as I move along.

Tonight saw me cutting out the visor, sanding the earcaps, and painting the silver base coat.



For side by side comparisons between an MSH2 and an MS3, go here:

I'm going to start masking off the damage areas tonight, and probably continue through tomorrow with that. More as it comes...


Sr Hunter
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
Yaay, Canada makes a cameo in the last photo!
I look forward to seeing the progress bud, how are those cold cast ears? ;)

yep, rotj again. gotta keep the balance in the neg... too many ESB helmets around here already!

though i might repaint the msh2 once i'm all done with this one. i'm not really interested in wearing the esb one, but it would be neat to try my hand at painting it.

i need to take a pic of the ears. they pretty much look just like my paint job on the other helmet :)

i just spent the last 2 hours making off damage on the left mandible. which is about how long i spent on my entire first helmet, so i think that says something. i'm not sure what exactly, but something.


Sr Hunter
i painted on all of the masking fluid for the exposed silver layer. i was all set to spray the dark grey on over it... then i pulled the cap off of the dark grey paint only to find that it was not dark grey at all.


so tomorrow i buy some dark grey, *then* paint it. which sucks, since it sets me back a bit on getting some color down on it.

ah well... it will... um... leave the latex some time to cure. yeah, yeah that's it.


Sr Hunter
propcicle said:
Will you paint the entire helmet grey or just the areas around your masking fluid?

i did the whole thing. it was easier to blast all of it than keep track of what spots needed it.

pics will come later on of this part of it. i'm taking them, just not uploading yet :)


Sr Hunter
while paint dries..

while paint dries, so i figured i'd post up more pics! on a side note... what a PERFECT day to be painting! it's about 60 degrees, sunny, and a nice warm breeze is blowing!

for details on what i'm doing, see the web page:

in short, i use the masking fluid for everything, because while you need to let paint *really* dry to put tape down, the latex has proven safe after only about 30 minutes of drying time.

as is my little tradition, i am using all spray cans, rather than airbrushing the exact paints on. while it may not be 100% authentic, it's darned close, and helps to show people a different view on the painting that might be a *little* less intimidating.

i put a grey coat over the silver, and used the masking fluid to mark off the areas that stay grey in the end... i used duplicolor grey primer for this from an auto parts store.


cheeks and back painted. cheeks are rustoleum sage green, back is rustoleum america's finest green.


lots of latex...


mandibles. rustoleum hunt club green, misted with rustoleum blue and rustoleum black. i went back and forth with multiple layers of the 3 until i got it where i liked it. this pic is actually in the middle of the mixing, so it's not the final color...


mandibles masked, visor painted and more masking. visor with rustoleum claret wine.


dome painted, more sage green.


on to the peeling. i'm planning to peel some of the latex this afternoon, and leave some for the presentation webchief and i are doing tonight.