My MS3 painted by AFFO$ (lots of pics)


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I'm finally getting around to showing off my Fett helmet. The ranger finder is just mounted temporarily. Huge thanks to Marrowsun and AFettFullOfDollars!!







Great helmet Shabad!!!(y) Paul Really does do amazing work. I have one of his ESB jobs and he's working on an ROTJ for my right now. Deffinitly one of the best, and with spray paints!!!!:)
That is one awesome paint job right there ... very good wrok dude!:cheers

Just one thing I noticed ... and I don't mean to be harsh or anything like that ... just trying to help. The RF looks a little twisted and off-center from the stalk in this picture.

It thinks it's aligned like that on the original
Thanks! I'm super happy. AFFO$ did an amazing job. (y)

Few more weeks of saving and I should be able to buy the last couple soft parts to complete my ESB Fett. The I just need to assemble it all :p
Good to hear you liked the bucket! The paint Job is super as always AFFO$
Very nice! I think you'll be pretty happy trooping with that atop your noggin.
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