I was just checking out this post and noticed nobody had posted any remarks. Just wanted to know what the experts thought of it. Granted it would help to see it next to another more common model, but how's the shape look?

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I can't tell much from those pictures. A coat of primer might help to cover all the differences in fiberglass and filler colors, and allow us to see the detail better. as for shape, I never thought I'd ever hear or say this, but I think it actually flairs out a bit too much. Like I said, it's hard to tell from those pics.
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I think the RPF discussed and continues to discuss this helmet at great length (like over 5 pages).

Overall people seem to like it but there are a few who believe that the 'movie-accurate' claim isn't wholy accurate.
Different approaches to nailing down size and proportion and so forth.

The helmet looks nice to me, I like the look, and without knowing anything about quality of materials, I think it's a great helmet.

Just my thoughts,
I'll just clarify here and then shut my yap.

The discussion on the RPF has been over the claim that a Don Post deluxe can be converted or manipulated into being a full-sized, accurately shaped ESB Hero helmet.

Everyone has given the helmet's creator compliments on his vastly improved Dp Deluxe-based helmet. He took a flawed helmet, and he made it better.
Amen to that Tyler!
I'm on the list for this one.So I am kept up to date.So far I
say the helmet is choice.I guess It depends on what Boba you
are planning on makeing.For my project it is perfect.Drew has really outdone himself.
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