!!!!!! My MLC helmet done, Interior also done, pics!!!!


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Finally my MLC helmet is done. Here are the photos I took today, now I´m off to a New Years party (y) :cheers hopefully it will not end like this:puke

Here you can see the helmet and the interior, I´m working on a tutorial for the interior with drawings.

I changed the pice by the ear, I took the disk thingy I made and put the inside of a tire I had from a model car.



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The interior of that helmet is just about the coolest thing I think I've ever seen on this board. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


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VERY nice helmet there mobius!!! :eek:(y)
The interior is most impressive and we'll be keeping an eye out for that tutorial. :D
Keep up the great work! :)
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that turned out awesome. (y)

Very nice looking bucket. You sure have gone a long way since that first paint disaster at the start. Excellent work the and the beauty is in the details.

I only hope I can do half as good as you did.



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WOW! That is excellent! (y)

I think I should really start molding those interior pieces I did in card & start offering them with our buckets - but Jeez, you guys do excellent work! :cheers

Thanks for sharing those pics! :)



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Alan said

PS How did you make the bottom of the T visor stay curved (does that make sense)?

I got me a welders faceshield, it had a curve on it, so it cut it out and put it in.
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