My MLC helm


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Lol, this just arrived last night(thursday night) and here's my progress already...

Just have to finish the right earcap/antenna, add visor and do a lil more battle damage/weathering!
Lol, ok here's how I worked on it since arrival. Thursday evening my jet pack and helm arrived, I painted the red areas on the helm first. First thing Friday morning I painted the Dark Green(mandables) and the back of the helm. Friday night(last night) I painted the cheeks and dome. And the paint I'm using dries fast for some reason...but that was the first thing I painted when I got home at about 730. At about 11:00 everything was dry and I got to work on the battle damage lol! The Jet Pack being was only green I painted that thursday night and than I did the last of the detail painting/battledamage last night. Lol, believe me I'm pacing myself as best I can and I go to the next step as the paint is dry enough than I let dry overnight.
Allow me to answer that. It is pushed in a lil because of just fiberglass tightening up. It goes right back out to be in proper position with a visor in it. So no it's not thin, just doesn't have visor in that pic.
That is a cool paint job. It has an 'Anime' look to it. Highly stylized. Sort of like if Boba had been drawn in the Clone Wars cartoon. I love it!
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