My Mannequin Hands with Gloves


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I used wood for the base and then traced out my hand on it. After shaping it down I used thick coat hanger wire for finger armature and slipped washing machine fill hose filled with GOOP over them. After letting the GOOP dry I snipped out "joint" places for the finger bends and let the GOOP trapped inside cure as well.

I capped off the fingers with caps bought at ACE hardware. These caps make it so much easier to slip the glove over the fingers.

I will later add a dowel post to the end to slip inside the pvc pipe that makes up the skeleton of my mannequin.

I also stuffed a little padding (ripped up Wally World sacks) into the gloves to give a more natural shape...





Note that the hand is gripping the belt all by itself as it has not yet been attached to the arm. How does it look?
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