My Lobot headset

Last year before Halloween when I was bragging about my Fett, and my girlfriend had bought a Leia ep4 dress, a friend of mine said he wanted to join us with a Star Wars theme costume. Just to prove he was a bigger nerd than me he said he'd be dressing as Lobot. The next time we spoke he said he was gonna pick another character cuz "there's no way to make that headset thing." He ended up doing another costume altogether, but the seed was planted, and around February, I started doing some research... here's what I've put together in the last 6 months (in between other projects).

headset_off-01.jpg headset_off-02.jpg headset_off-03.jpg headset_on-01.jpg headset_on-02.jpg

I made it big because it's sort of a present for another friend of mine... he's a big guy, but he's the only nerd I know who's bald (shaves his head regularly) and doesn't wear glasses.

The sides are sintra, cut from a template I made just tracing the original in Photoshop. The front is parallel layers of sintra. I tried cutting out pieces to attach perpendicular to the sides, but trying to bend and cut to fit and still have it symmetrical was almost impossible. The top is sintra (had to re-do that 3 times because I didn't have the guy here to measure his head). The bottom was the last thing I did after I got the rest close to painting condition and had all the wires in place. It's mostly For-sale signs because they're easier to fit curves. Those ear pieces are from an old set of headphones, held in place with a combination of sintra and for-sale signs. The black on the sides over the ear is fabric, which I think will make it easier to hear while wearing it. There's supposed to be 4 red lights there, but I
think I'm gonna leave those off.

I simplified the lighting a lot. None of mine blink. I was basing my design off of what I could find on google images, and the CGI pic of the headset on Wookiepedia has yellow lights. I re-watched ESB last weekend to get screen grabs for the rest of the costume and realized that they blink red in the movie. You can tell in the last pic, those panels on the front holding the yellow lights aren't permanently attached yet, so still able to fix it. They do look neat, each side is a pair of rectangular yellow LEDs. The side-back panel is supposed to be a blinking series of blue leds under frosted glass, but I thought one bright white would be enough to still get the idea across. The "glass" is from a Scion xB tail light! The metal part is a folded over aluminum "beware of dog" sign left over from my sexy carbonite project.

I know I got the back wrong. Those black squares are lightly glued on so I can change it out easily. Supposed to be silver with input jacks. underneath. Ears are still loose because I want it to fit perfectly. I can't wear it because it wants to slide down to my neck... I hope I can get that
corrected for my friend. Anyone have ideas to keep it in place other than making it really tight? Also gotta build better cover for batteries. I might move them out of the headset because the weight is part of what's making it not want to stay put.

Muad Dib

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Instead of the cushions, I would have tried installing something like lightly padded "hooks" that go over the ears like the arms on a pair of glasses do.
I thought about ear hooks cuz I wear glasses, but then I thought it's still gonna be heavy in the back so it'll still wanna roll backwards. I thought making it tight around the sides would be better and the headphones will make that more comfortable.

I can only find a couple of Lobot costumes on Google Images... 2 really good headsets, and 2 awful ones. But I haven't found details on how they made em. There's a thread on Rebel Legion from over a year ago where some folks were helping someone gather details, but I couldn't find whether he actually started the costume or not.


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in the movie it really seems to pull tight into the actor's can see it deeply pressed into the skin. Probably helped keep it in place, but it also helps sell the effect of it being part of him. If you're wearing it for short periods that might be ok. Building it out away from the head a bit in the back might help too.


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yes i agree. which, as I think about it, is an option for anyone who's bald and using it for cosplay.