My Jumpsuit progress

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Hey kids,

first off I want to thank skygunbro on his amazing jumpsuit, its probably the best suit money can buy.I finally got around to weathering it today and I'm just looking for a little constructive [SIZE=-1]criticism.

I started off by covering a good portion of the suit with fuller's earth clay powder, after applying the powder I "beat it" into the fabric with a sock. This gave the fabric a nice distressed look.

I then sprinkled some charcoal dust in the seams of legs and arms. After this I covered the suit with another layer of earth powder.

Now to really make it look used and beaten and misted it with a flat balck spray paint. I kinda screwed up a couple of areas and, instead of a mist I got a big black splotch. But I think I could get away with it.:D

After misting the legs and arms and added more powder, and promptly beat it into the fabric. Below you'll find the end result. Let me know what you guys think.
[/SIZE] jumpsuit 3.jpg