My Jet Pack 'finally' finished

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My Jetpack 'finally' finished

I started this about 2 years ago based on Lisa Fett's tutorial. I just finished it this week and I'm happy with the way it turned out for a sintra/styrofoam pack.

smjet pack2.jpg

smjet pack1.jpg
Wow. It looks really good!! Even has all the little greeblys on the bottom! Great job;)
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Mate, it's already a cut above the rest....Coz you made it yourself.
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OMG Best Damn Jet Pack I've damn ever damn seen! Now tell me, exactly where is Lisa Fett's Jet Pack tutorial, I've been looking it up but couldn't find it.
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It should be on the stickies bud...

Nice pack by the way and it really shapes up with the great paint job

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Excellent work, your hard work has certainly paid off. It's always great to see scratchbuilt stuff.
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Nice jp! though have u ever thought of using lisafett's tutorial and using wizardoffflight's templates?

plus, how did u make it so smooth?
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