My jango's helmet


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hmmm, im brasilian, and im 14

im trying to make my own helmet
i wll post some images of my frist try, (it isn very good, but im already startin to fix al the errors )
if u hav any sugestion i wll be very hapy on listening them

Imagem 001.jpg

i took this picture like a month ago, i already made some improvements, now im making a sculpture, to fill it with cast

sry about my nonsense vocabulary
the visor area will need to be widened and you need to have a more prominent brow area.

you should find WOF templates and use those as a guideline to grasp the correct shape

no i cant make the armor,because i dont have a vacu-form machine,and someone made my jedi costume with the choice of colors..but after i wore it i realized people liked to mistake me as anakin...

but anyways,no i did all the painting on the helmt myslef,but i cant make a helmet,or anything,no skills.

and i am not good at sewing...
definately get the WOF templates. Honus has a very good guide about putting it together with Cardboard. I'm working on a scratchbuild with cardboard as well. I've documented everything along the way if you want to copy what I've done.
I must say you got guts to just dive in and fabricate your own Jango.... With that much drive I cannot wait to see your final product. I will continue to check up and see how things are going. Stay focused....
wow i got a fan! (or not) wathever =D thank you vry mux for saying this ^________^(the emoticon strikes back )

and im sorry to all the peaple tht is goning to see this post becos my very bad english
no i cant make the armor,because i dont have a vacu-form machine
wow... im making mine with a kind of hard paper, and construction materials

we don hav these vacu- form machines here in the town... maybie we dont have in all the south region of the country (thesse things we can just find in "são paulo" city in the center of the country)

well im just here to say that my project changed toa boba fet costume o/ im now makin the boots maybie iwll post the photos wen i finish them
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