My Jango esk Fett vest

Zeever Fett

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My mother helped cut the pattern and sew it.


There is a zipper in the back


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Bro I know you, who you trying to kid? You know mom did it all her

Not bad at all!!!!
When is the armor going on?

Zeever Fett

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ha ha you want an armor pic


The vest is black, this is not for a Jango costume but I did use Jangos vest as a reference cause I like it more than Bobas.

Hope these pics help other makers here!


wow! nice work! i'm trying to make my own vest myself, and u might know in the thread i made. i can really use that vest for reference!

oh, and what was the vest made of? soft leather or nylon? it might sound stupid, but after looking on, i saw a boba flak vest made of nylon, so i'm confused.


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I believe it was real leather. Judging from the pictures in the Jango Ref. CD, the whole vest has a bit of padding to it. Great looking vest man! Mine is fake leather too.