My humble ESB Fett build (so far)


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So, as I stated in my intro thread, I am (very) slowly working on my first build: the classic ESB Boba Fett. Here's what I have so far (with some relatively decent photos)

Bucket: Hasbro Black Series helmet (slowly modifying)


Chest, collar, and back armor (Bobamaker), chest lighting kit by Fettronics


Jetpack (Man of War) "damaged"


EE-3 rifle (3D kit off Etsy) sadly it is undersized by about 10%


Gauntlets (Man of War) completely unstarted (aka no pics)

Material for the jumpsuit, vest, neck seal, fasteners, zippers, brass eyelets from JoAnn Fabrics (to be assembled by my brother) diver's buckle from Amazon with 2" black webbing from JoAnn's
No pics

I'm planning to buy boots from Imperial boots, harness from Etsy or eBay or custom make myself... somehow... the other pieces or armor (shoulder pads, knee pads, cod and kidney) i have yet to source. Bobamaker is ideal, but my budget is limited as of now. Either I wait to afford spending on the best, or I find less accurate, lower quality pieces. Time will tell.

Anyway, my brother and I have some pretty solid plans (or at least ideas) for finishing what we've already accumulated. But any input or suggestions are welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

Do let me know what you all think. Be gentle. Haha kidding. I know this is a helpful community. I know i will learn a lot with help from you talented chaps.


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A nice list and parts you've acquired thus far. I'm afraid I wouldn't be too much help as I'm also a new comer to the CosPlay world, and I'm doing presently doing the ROTJ variant of Fett (Feel free to stop by my WIP if you wish(y)). Also, thanks for the raw photo of the "Damaged" MoW Jetpack. I've seen it on MoW's site and always wondered what they actually look like. I see now that MoW has got his new finished Jet Pack molds and "Undamaged" JetPacks for sale. However I see some filling and sanding in your future. ;) Are going to be wanting approval from the 501st? Or are you just doing an ESB Fett for recreational use (e.g. Display/Halloween)?

Welcome and best of luck to you on the journey.



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Thanks, Iron! There is a LOT of sanding and filling to do on the jetpack. Like, so much. :lol:

I'm not going for 501st approval now. Halloween, parties, small conventions, etc.. I may think about it in the future, though. I am planning to be as accurate as possible, but I know i won't be able to right now.