My "Holiday Special" armor progress thread, friend...


First up, the cod:





This is really all I've completed so far. Chest, collar and shoulders are here but I've yet to start on those. Ruffkin gauntlets are on the way. Don't have a line on knees yet. I want to finish the whole suit in time for a Dallas Con at the end of October but, geez, this may take a while. Let me know what you guys think.

P.S. - Mods: You can move this to Dented Variants if you want. I wasn't completely sure which section it should go in but since it is actually Boba I went ahead and put it in the regular armor section. Thanks.
what colors did you use? are all the little scratches intetional? they look awesome how subtle they are and yet so realistic. Keep up the good work
Thanks for the comments guys!

Zombie, the gray is just Krylon Gray primer. The yellow is Testors Phoenician Yellow. And Testors acrylic Olive Drab and acrylic Aluminum for the green and silver. The scratches were kind of last minute and done with an exacto knife.

I'm gonna really try and get some of the chest armor done this coming week so maybe it'll start resembling a Holiday Fett pretty soon.
Nice weathering. I love it so far. I had also the idea of making a "Holiday Special" Fett costume, but this one is BEYOND my expectations. Great job! (y) :)

Any updates on other pieces of this project?

Glad you asked, although it is a very small update but kind of a bench mark since I finally got that Holiday Special Blue onto the helmet and got a good look at it:


Far from done. The lighter color on the dome is the predominate blue of the helmet and the darker blue is the blue that is seen only on the upper cheeks in the Holiday Special. I just figured this darker blue might as well be the base color of the whole helmet and be seen through the scratches too.

Also got to thinking the other day. I really want to put some kill stripes on the helmet. Since the Holiday Special is before ESB there would most likely be less kill stripes than the number seen in ESB. So maybe....6 or 7 kill stripes?
Kill stripes might and might not be a good idea. If he didn't have them on screen, that would be named "non-canon" and wouldn't be accurate, though I doubt that a costume of this quality could be denied into the 501st ;)

Who is the helmet maker if you dont mind me asking? :)
GCN, the helmet is an MH from SgtFang's latest run and I'm really enjoying painting it. There was a bit of clean-up (which as you can see I have not finished) but it is pretty easy stuff: putty here, sand there, dremel a bit there, etc.
Considering only a two year span between the Holiday Special and ESB I'd go with about 11 kill marks....:D

I love this costume and how it's turning out for you!!

Thanks again guys for the compliments. I can't believe I havn't screwed up majorly yet and had to start over. It'll happen though, in due time.

But not today:

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