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Well, I decided to get busy and sew up some gloves for myself.

I used cotton parade gloves. For the white patches, I sewed to halves together for each patch, leaving one end open. Then stuffed with the appropriate amount of padding and sewed it shut. Then I hand sewed those to the gloves. Seemed a bit easier that way. My first time around, I sewed the white part and padding directly to the glove by hand. Took a long time and looked not so great.

These are better. I welcome any comments. Thanks, Chris.



They certainly give the "other" leading brand a run for the money!:) Anyone who even has that extraordinary patience level to do the tedious sewing on the glove project deserves to have them come out as nice as these -Beautiful work!:D
They look great!!!!!!!Did you use a gray parade glove and a white parade to make the set or is the gray glove from something els. And if you could tell me were you got them. :)
Go the extra mile and add a button-closure cuff to them. That is one thing I have yet to see anyone do for a truly accurate pair of gloves.
Those really look super man! Excellent job! I used the same technique for my gloves, only I used leather ones instead! Big mistake! They turned out fair, but the leather is so hard to sew through, that it took me forever to get them done, (as you might expect.) Forgive my ignorance, but what are "Parade gloves," & where might I be able to get some. One other quick question, did you have to dye the gloves 1st, or did you find those in the right color right away, reason I ask is, the color seems really accurate for ESB. I'm hoping to find a pair of cotton gloves that I don't have to mess around w/ dye!

Jango's kid wrote:

Forgive my ignorance, but what are "Parade gloves," & where might I be able to get some.

Parade Gloves are used in Parades! :lol: No, really, those are cotton gloves like the white ones you see that the military use in ceremonies. You could look and use your search engine on your browser and look for "parade gloves". They come in different colors and not just white. Maybe someone in the forum could give a link to any glove place online. Hope this helps.

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