My first post... and my new Boba bucket.


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Hey everyone... Just got over here from the RPF after I aquired a Boba bucket in a trade. Just want to show you some progress. I re-sprayed and sanded it using a chrome paint (can't remember the brand right now). And I'm almost ready for the other colors. Still a bit more sanding and smoothing... I'm still a newbie on Boba stuff, so is this a ROTJ or ESB? Or is it just the paint style that's different? (I've been trying to read up on the helmet, but there's so much info!!!). Thanks for looking!!



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Welcome to TDH. Good start on the bucket. (y)
I think the ESB helmet has a slightly wavy brow. Yours looks straight to me.

Please correct me if i'm wrong.
You could spend MANY hours on this forum just researching the details. It's great. :) The people are also very helpful.

Again. Welcome aboard.
it doesnt really matter what style this bucket is... theyre all the same, with exception of handling errors... liek the brow indeed...

welcome to TDH!!!! :cheers greatest forum on the internet with a crateload of nice and helpful people!!!
Looks like a Marrow Sun helmet. Welcome to TDH, where insanity begins. The tru ESB Helmet had a wave in the brow and all sorts of imperfections that are hard to duplicate. I would not worry to much about that the paint job is hard enough.
HI guys, I'm new to the site as of today as well, I have been building my Boba for a while and have found you all ot be extrememly informative and nice. I recently bought a DP 95 White Interior and am eagerly awaiting its arrival from the UK. It looks like a great bucket.

Thanks guys, I look forward to chatting.
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YES, that is very high johnnymac. Also, careful about posting live auctions ;)

Hey KingNothing ! Great to see you over here bud !! I am glad I was able to usher you into the madness and my pug truly hates to have his memory erased every other day.

What you have there is a Mystery Helmet, no doubt about it. Once you get your paintjob on there, you will get a DAMN FINE Mystery helmet :) Start with Lee's list and the plethora of great tutorials that have cropped up lately :

for example:

Its going to look great !
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Sorry, is it wrong to post live auction items? Didn't know. What do you think about the DP95 White that I listed above? I can't wait for it to arrive!
I guess that I'm going for a ROTJ Fett. But, at the same time, I'm not really trying to make a true, film replica. I'm kind of taking the bit that I like from all of them and creating my own if that makes any sense. One of my favorite Fetts is the white one here . -But that's not really what I'm after.

Anyways, thank you for your input and assistance. FrankFett, feel free to pop by for a beer and give me your opinion on my project. :)



FrankFett said:
Looks pretty good, might want to do a repaint or a touch up, what Fett are you going for, ESB, ROTJ, or PREpro?

Guys, A question. My DP 95 arrived today damaged via the post. I contacted the seller via e-mail to explain the problems. The range finder was bent & broken off, the helmet is warped (The seller said that he installed a rod to prevent warping) but it's warped and the rod the he installed has broken loose.

Here's the problem, he won't take it back for a refund. He says he has a no refund policy -Which is not stated anywhere on his listing. He has basically told me that he'll file a claim with the post office and maybe I'll get money to fix it. Who knows if they will even issue a payment?

I'm angry as hell here. I paid a lot of money for a warped, broken bucket and the seller won't take it back. (Other than telling me he'll file a claim with the post office.) He says it was perfect when he shipped it. TO make matters worse, it's an international transaction. I have tried to meet him half way and said that I'd pay for the return shipping out of my own pocket. Then he can collect the damages, fix the helmet and relist it. -But he won't.

And, yes, I could go buy a glue gun, reform the helmet, buy a new range finder, paint it and cut the helmet open to install it, but I shouldn't have to. Any advice? I don't want to be a dick and contact the Ebay fraud department, but I'm going to if he doesn't accept my return.


The seller decided to accept my return. Thank God. :) I appreciate all of your help. He was very understanding in the end. Pheww! Only now, I need to find a new helmet.... any suggestions? LOL
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