My First Fett Prop


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Just finished it this weekend.


And one more... :D


I made it from 1/8" thick aluminum. Drilled the handle holes out with a drill press and cut it out the shape with a dremel. I used black spray paint for weathering. Sorry, but the camera kinda washed it out.

Thanks! I am thinking about doing a run of these, but I've got to work out the hole cutting part...It takes WAY too long.
You know, Bounty's Hunted, I do too. I used to make a lot of sabers, and there is nothing more I couldn't stand than having to use plastic or something. To me, it is much more satifying to make things out of metal (and wood) when they should be...

Thanks to all for the kind comments!
Well Done - nice to see those who are not afraid to build from scratch.

Did you solder the crosspiece? use aluminum weld or something?

I used the best stuff in the biz...JB Weld.


I've never had any problems with it breaking or anything. JB Kwik doesn't work as well, but it sets up a lot quicker.
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