My first ESB BOBA FETT costume


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My first ESB BOBA FETT COSTUME, is almost 75% Scratchbuilt, after the pictures we took, we saw couple mistake that we have to fix.
Like the color of the jumpsuit is too blue, the belt (girthbelt) and pocket too loose and the hose and the right gauntlet too loose too.
we are working on it. Next week i'll post the upgrade.

These are the first pictures of the costume we took.
P.S. with the mistakes.









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I don't know brother.. Looks really good to me. The only thing I see (and it's minor) is I think maybe the Wookie braids are a little thick. But, other than that... I think it looks great! Nicely done!

vadr h8r

Your thread title had me for a moment... I was expecting to see alot of inaccuracies. You know, methods and parts you buy that didn't turn out the way you envisioned in your head. That costume is awesome!!! very very nice work!!


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Very nice suit, you've done an excellent job! (y)

You've already noticed some corrections to be made and I agree with them. The only additional improvements seem to be using a better Wookie braid attachment method and dirty up the lower legs of your jumpsuit more. If you make those changes with the ones you have planned already, you'll have one amazing suit.

Jangos kid

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Yeah....WOW is right!!! Very nice job!! Way better than my first attempt...come to think of it, its better than my 2nd & 3rd attempt too!!! Rock on!!


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Thanks for those feedback it means a lot to us, me as a beginer costume maker and for my friend that is the one is going to use it.