my finished Han in Carbonite

Hey gang,

I've been working on this build for about 3 weeks. Would've been finished before but I have limited room to work and the weather in Florida has been less than cooperative. At any rate, there are many things I would've done differently, but overall I'm pleased with the results.

Found parts all over: Zenix box, panels from a fellow Legion friend in GA, and the Han parts on eBay. overall cost including wood, paints, glue, etc $900.00. Weighs Although it's up on the wall now, I'm taking it down and putting in the 18ft LED rope I found (Home Depot, has 20 different colors/settings and fits perimeter of the box perfectly!)

Not going for accurate, with the pieces I received I just wanted it to look cool. The original idea I had was "what if the Empire won? What if they never rescued Han, and he's just sitting there in Jabba's palace? The extra weathering is my attempt to create this (not to mention cover up my mistakes).

Hope you enjoy!


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Wow... 3 weeks! It took me a lot longer, but I didn't work on it every single night either.

It is definitely not exact, but I like the artistry of it.

I don't know if you realized, but your panels are in upside down.
HAHAHAHA I just noticed that--thank God I used hot glue at the corners, they'll pop off and i'll adjust them tonight when I get off work! Thanks for noticing, I kept looking at it thinking something wasn't right with it, I just went around and popped em in.


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Looks great to me, As when I remember being a child and going to see the movies and sitting there scoffing pop corn and enjoying return of the jedi, what you have made is what I sore on screen so well done and its great work beyond all the judging from the side lineso_O
Mayfield and ZeroEffect, I've reached out to the maker of the panels, explained how they made them upside down, they don't see what I was talking about, even after sending them pics of their own product (that showed the correct way), and they haven't responded to my message. It's not the worst thing in the world and I can live with upside down panels, but I am going to ask for correct ones or reimburse me for not selling me what I paid for. If not, they'll get put on blast on every forum I'm on (and there are many). I am generally the nice guy, but if it's not right and they do nothing to rectify it, then I'll have to put them on blast. in the mean time......
they have tabs. they're also raised in the back, tapered to the front, and would not fit in the panel spaces (also tabs would be facing forward) flipping them wouldn't help. If I don't get replacement parts, the only way to fix this would be to Dremel off the faces of the panels, flip them, glue them back down, bondo and repaint the sides.
IMG_20180501_222302_263.jpg 20180502_174004.jpg

the panels are raised, but as you can see the faces of the panels are on backwards. If you're facing Han, your left his right should be upside down


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Hmm, they’re not too me it looks like when she made the mould that the base plate was put on upside down and she has jus rolled with it, maybe didn’t even notice the mistake till you pointed it out.
They are not accurate, but you said you’re not too fussed on accuracy, so an easier fix is possible that the one you suggested. ( though maybe something you may not need to do it the vendor takes responsibility and offers and exchange for the correct ones they advertised or refund, full or partial.


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Honestly, most people won't know the difference and the ones who do will either be bothered by all of the other inaccuracies or understand it as a piece of art. It is a very nice piece of art...
so the vendor replied, offered solutions for me to fix it myself, send mine back for replacement panels if I returned the ones I have. I opted to keep the ones I have, in return she refunded me a portion of what I paid. I'm happy with that so I'm keeping them, and if later on I get bored, I can fix them (which is probably what I'll do).