My ESB sidearm progress pics


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Heres my ESB sidearm (converted nintendo zapper). I know it isn't screen accurate but i kind of did a custom job on it.(it will do until I can get a more screen accurate one, or if I decide to use an "Aged" Jango blaster ;))
sorry for the fuzzy pics :(

Heres the side
Side Blaster.jpg

The barrel
Barrel Blaster.jpg

The Top
Top Blaster.jpg

Heres another pic of the side(different lighting)
Side Blaster2.jpg

thanks for looking :)
any feedback would be great.

looks like a great start. That had been my plan as well until fate stepped in for me.

Since it's in the holster anyway the body isn't a huge priority. You might get a sink part or something to attach to the end (you might be doing this anyway) because that part will/should stick out the bottom and be visible.

The paint job looks great :)

Boba Freekk-Thanks, can't wait to see how yours turns out. :)

JMP-Thanks man, what sink part(or anything else) should I use? Thanks again. :)

tteF aboB-Thanks :)

thank you all again for the possitive feedback. :D

very cool. Even if it isnt accurate to the real deal, it still looks like Fett. Who's to say he didnt have multiple different guns to fit the same holster? My feeling on the matter is that if you dont have something that is completely accurate, make up a reason or story to make it work.
I don't have a particular one in mind, just a suggestion for where you might find an appropriately shaped part. Something that is thin and bulges out near the end, like many of the SW blasters do. Since it sticks out of the bottom of the holster it's one of the few refs we have for the blaster lol...

Just wander the plumbing dept at Home Depot, something will jump out :)


Trooper TK409 wrote:

I was just thinking of going this route - but your photos aren't up. Do you still have them?
- Chris

Wow, I never thought this thread would be brought up again.
No problem with the pics. We still have them and will get them back up ASAP. :)

Edit* Pics are up now. They are pretty bad quality so I'll probably take some more and post them shortly. :)
Hope this helps.
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