MY ESB EE-3 75% There


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Heres some pics of my Sidewinder EE-3, thanks to Si for a great kit and really helpful advice in times of need, please let me know your constructive criticisms they are always welcomed



Great kit and buildup!! You might want to get the handgrip more of a goldish brass color rather than the brown thats showing up in the pics. Other than that, It's coming along nicely(y)

Wow so many kind comments, thanks, in reality though I can take no credit for this whatsoever as its a great kit from Sidewinder :)thumbsup: ) and yes its a 3 cell heiland, I searched and searched for an MPP but couldnt seem to nail one, the flashtube itself isnt secured in the barrel, its quite a good snug fit so if I manage to get an MPP I will swap them over, I totally agree with the colouration issues of the stock and handgrip, they are shortly to be addressed, thanks again for the comments more pics to follow in a few days and once Ive got all my greeblies (y)
Looking good.
A couple suggestions...
The grip is brass, not brown/wood.
The head of the grip screw should be on the other side. It's a machine screw only the small tip of the end should be visible (black).
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