My ESB Boba Fett helmet paint job


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I've been doing some tests on scrap plastic, to practice the liquid masking process, and determine the road that suits me better for the paint job.
I'll take a mostly layered approach, and then paint the fine details afterwards.
I also decided to go with a colder color scheme for my ESB Fett.

paiint_test copy.jpg


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I finally managed to work on the top dome! I tackled this part first, because it seemed like one of the hardest.
I first applied the liquid frisket by Windsor & Newton with a silicone brush.
At the time of masking, I relied too much on the stencils and did not have a pic of the finished helmet. But no worries, I'll detail the scratches a little more and cover the extra ones on the next layer. (y)

dome_frisket_mask copy.jpg

After spraying the second coat of paint, I removed the mask while the paint was still a little wet. To avoid a crackled look.

dome_frisket_mask_remove copy.jpg

And voilá ! Here is the result of the second coat on the dome.
I'm very pleased with the result. I'll detail the paint work at the end of the process by hand.

Next up: the matte greenish-gray coat.

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I now applied the 3rd layer and fixed most of the mistakes I made on the last coat.
Of course, I'll put the fine details in by hand, but I'm quite happy with the result, so far.

One other thing I did was that I sanded the scratches in the direction they were "made" from Boba´s wear and tear.

Now, on to the cheeks.