My ESB Blaster So Far!!!


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Here are some pics of what I accomplished so far on this Blaster project.I like to thank Sidewinder, He makes a really great kit.RudydarthG for scope and FlashTube.TK2647 for the molex connectors,and GalacticBountyHunter for the piston greeblies(not shown).


Yeah there the real connectors. I believe that the flash tube is a MPP,from who I bought it from. I need the scope rings and scope blocks. Also need the greeblies for the stock. Waiting for my set of pistons from the motors. The flash on my camera kills the Tube.
Well I wasn't sure myself in the first stage of process.I wanted the gun to look real as possible.Sidewinder gave me hints and showed me pics of his real webley.The colors that I used was a Acrylic Spray by Tamiya Color.The part #is TS-38 and called Gun Metal. Hope this helps!

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