my ESB blaster plans


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well almost being done with Fett v1.01, i still need a decent blaster.
I;ve seen some awesome kits around but I just can't afford them.

I made a scratch one, but it sux...badly.... so im going to attempt anothe rone with TDH help.

I toke a sci-fire replica and teh pic with the rotj measurments from TK-409's site.

kind of made a match between the 2 and I'll be able to make decent templates.

Im going for a very crued, simple look. Since I don't have the skills nor the materials to work things out. (sintra and fg and al those other things that are almost a necesaty are just not available here)

So it's a very basic design (ofcourse ill add teh scope, clamps and other greeblies, or atleast greeblies that will look a bit like the originals)

maybe soem of you guys have tips or have some use with these pics. I still need to calculate the measurments of all the pieces (bottom pic) will do that tommorow i guess.

so heres hopin that maybe u can use tehse aswell.


step 1 70%.jpg

step 2 70%.jpg

step 3 70%.jpg

step 4 60%.jpg

step 5 70%.jpg

step 6 70%.jpg

step 7 70%.jpg


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If you can't get any Sintra, how about plexiglass? A guy over at the Blaster Builder's Club made a pretty convincing blaster using plexiglass.

All he used to shape it was a propane torch. This may open some more options for you.


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:D thats 2 cewl! considerin ive worked with plexi-glas before, my armor is made from it, an i did a poor job on scratch buildin a helem twith it aswell, but i know the material and its obtainable!!! :D ow yeah this is gonna be the way to go!!

thnx for the link!! and thnx for the guy that did this!!