My Custom Mando

Shadow UK

Hi all,

I originally designed my armour with the help of a friend, of whom many of you already know... Darth Valcar.

He made the armour for me out of 3mm Sintra.

After several months of trying to figure out my colour scheme i finally made the choice of burgandy, navy blue and black. In the meantime i purchased one of Sgt Fang's helmet's, which Valcar prep'd for me.

Approx. 6 weeks ago i showed Valcar my colour scheme, and he offered to paint it for me, but i decided, more out of personal pride than anything to do the work myself, and started doing the paintwork on my day's off work.

However, approx one month ago i contracted pnemonia, got rushed to hospital etc. Against all logic and through sheer boredom during my recovery, and whilst suffering dizzy spells and lack of concentration i very unwisely decided to continue working on my paintwork.

You guessed it i totally messed it up, then to make matters worse, i tried to undo the mistakes i'd made only to make it worse than before. Defeated i finally called Valcar over to show him what i'd done!

The looks on his face said it all!!!!

Thankfully Valcar proved what a master craftsman he is and rubbed down my armour and began re-painting it to my original design, with a few minor improvements i hadn't even thought of (y)

Sadly my camera broke... i dropped it, so i have no progress pics to post, only those of the completed outfit.

Valcar only finished the outfit today, much to our joint relief as we're attending Collectormaina 11 in the UK this weekend.

Pics will follow later today.
Here is a pic of my concept colour scheme g.JPG
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Basic Gauntlets
Guantlets 01.jpg

Guantlets 02.jpg

Back Plate
Back Armour.jpg

Been thinking of adding a large Bantha skull decal to the middle of the back plate.
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wow, thats really good, im loving that bucket, thats really shiny though, was that intentional?kandosii mind...well done, to both of you
Needs some weathering in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. I'm interested in seeing what it looks like when it's all together and you're wearing it.
I purchased car paints that were really thick upon application, the shiny effect is not something we could do anything about... however we may use a matt laquer at a later date to dull this off, just not sure yet, it may dull with time.

I was going to have weathering, but due to the amount of work that both Valcar and i put into the outfit i just couldn't bear to have it done at this time, as to a degree i personally feel weathering can ruin some outfits.

To everyone... theres more to come on this outfit, so far you've only seen half...
My weapons
Painted up MP5

Shot Gun.jpg
I even went as far as adding inert shotgun cartridges to my ammo belt
Wear this in thick leather Trooper holster on my left side

Pistol 01.jpg
Carried on quickdraw holster attatched to left side front of ammo belt

Pistol 02.jpg
Carrried in right hand side leg holster
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cool...loving the mp5...the armour should tone down quite a bit with a matt finish on it...still looks amazing though
The guns look far to contemporary, not enough Star Wars, especially the MP5 and the pistols. Otherwise (lack of weathering aside) I like it.
I agree with Jo, the guns just aren't right (althought still nice pieces). However i think the armour should remain clean and shiny. All custom mando's have scratched and dented armour, its nice to see a really nice shiny set ( i think you should keep it that way)
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