My Chest Display


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I've stolen TK-409's idea and used a small flashing bike light behind my chest armour, for my display.
I printed out the templates on his site, then took them to a local copy shop and had'em copied onto a transparency for 85 cents.
Total cost, S2.85

I think it looks great, what do y'all think??
Under "Mannequin"
Looks nice. I picked up a couple of those bike lights for the custom I was going to do. Their still just sitting there.
Hey, these ideas are free! You didn't steal anything :lol:
Looks pretty cool. Except you put both rows of "letters" in the slots. For the bike-light idea, you just use one row and leave the top slot blank. I provided both lins of letters for those who wanted a choice between full letters or the partial letters.
You can probably just move the transparency down a centimeter or so.

Oh, and I just noticed it's upside down. The "H" should be first.
Your not alone man, as soon as I get my armor in I am going to do the same thing. Cheep way of looking good, kind of like shopping at old navy. Except TK409 dosent have bad jingles or hot chicks on his web page, but hes got a good looking Boba and Sandtrooper.
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