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Ok, this is the sixth helmet I'm trying to paint. (Number four and five can be looked at ) Here's my progress so far. I used the paints as listed in Rogue Studios List. For the shading I always used the same paint and added a few drops of black dull color. Exept for the kill stripes; here I used a few red coughs on the last right stripes.
Now I would like to ask the master painters a question: What is the best method to apply the battle damaged paint job in the most accurate way? Until now I did the tracing always "free hand/free eye style". Is there a better way? Any other suggestions or valuable tips are appreciated.

BM 1.jpg

BM 2.jpg

BM 3.jpg

BM 4.jpg

BM 5.jpg

BM 6.jpg

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i think your eye is quite good as it is. but if memory serves, there was a thread a while back by pghfett, about using some sort of decal as a template. i don't entirely remember. but i'll see if i can find the link.


i found the link:

but i don't think it will be very useful, since pghfett went and edited all his posts in that thread. and i don't think there was another thread like it since. :(
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Judging by your previous paint ups i'd say to carry on applying the detail by eye, you've done some really great work on those helmets! This one looks like it's going to be even better...(y)

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Not the bucket I won't, I haven't ordered one yet. I do have a Don Post or Rubies (I dunno which) :confused which I may practice on first like Wolfi did. Which look great by the way. (y)