My Boba Build


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Hi all... finally decided to become a member after working on my stuff for a while and using as much information as possible from the site. Figured it's about time to post some pictures of the progress and maybe get some constructive criticism and whatnot.
Me in costume. Currently I'm working on the helmet, so it looks way different now, more pictures to come when finished.
knee armor.jpg
knee armor, been painted again since picture, wear came out really brown so I repainted as light yellow
Here you can see the light yellow....
and Wookie Braids.

There we are so far, I think I have a pretty good start so far, still need to fabricate the jetpack and gauntlets. I would also like to take this time to thank Rafalfett and wizardofflight, your templates have been awesome and saved a lot of time!
- Mythosaur (which I'm surprised wasn't taken already :) )


looks good ! You should get a dark visor though .. I dont remember Fett haveing a beard and glasses..:) You can get some precut ones at Good luck with build!!

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looks good ! You should get a dark visor though .. I dont remember Fett haveing a beard and glasses. (maybe that is person taking pic??) .:) If not you can get some precut ones at Good luck with build!!


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Thanks a lot! I got the visor covered... I bought a welding visor to replace it, I already tore out the old one and the bucket in being painted as we speak!


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Good start. Your flack vest looks gray, should be nearly white. Which Boba Fett version are you building?

It was the lightest grey I could find man, thought I could bleach it out a little but it didn't work, think I'm gonna try to sunbleach it. Thoughts or suggestions? And I'm doing ROTJ.


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Even for ROTJ, which has a dirtier vest, that color is too dark. If bleach didn't work, try dye remover. But you may need to redo it with white material and weather that.


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So, it's been an arduous process to get to this point, but working when life has permitted, I've at least been able to get to this point:
FettHelmet-1.jpg FettHelmet-2.jpg
had the helmet all torn apart and finally got it back together. Still more painting to do, but it's coming along!


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Another helmet pic, added the kill stripes and a little damage. Also, made a longer RF stalk out of sintra, little worried about it wobbling around too much, but I think it will work until I can get a better one.



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Been a while since I was on here, been quite busy with life in general. Here's a couple pics of my Jetpack construction so far, I like how it's coming together but there's still a bunch of work to be done on it!
upload_2018-7-6_11-38-36.jpeg upload_2018-7-6_11-39-53.jpeg


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Just finished up dyeing my girth belt! I used the method as outlined here.
girth belt 1.jpg
I had to shrink the belt down first, put it in simmering water for around 45 mins and let it cool for about 15 in the water. I then wrung it out using a little bit of warm water here and there so I wouldn't burn my hands. I then rack dried it in my dryer on the lowest setting for about an hour. This easily took off 2-3 inches and made it the perfect size for me.
girth belt 2.jpg
After dyeing, I blotted it out and let it dry, flipping it over and blotting more as needed.
girth belt 3.jpg
Ta da! All finished up! I think it came out pretty good.


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Hey fellow hunters! How's everyone holding up? I've occupied a bit of time to my costume since there's so much free time. Almost finished with my jetpack harness, here's my progress:
20200325_132005.jpg 20200325_134559.jpg
I used bird seed to pack the pipe because I didnt have sand, it worked incredibly well

Be safe guys, Mythosaur


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What a crazy couple years we just went through. Since I posted last I have moved and it's been quite an adjustment, there was a lot to do, so I didn't get time to work on my Boba. I have been able to ramp up my workshop and I have been working heavily on my gauntlets. I knew scratch building them was going to be a challenge and it did turn out to be, but I am happy so far with how they are looking. Here's some pics.

20211010_164634.jpg 20211014_175140.jpg 20220428_170034.jpg 20220516_140749.jpg

20220402_171614.jpg 20220410_153031.jpg 20220413_161253.jpg 20220428_165944.jpg

I thought I had a few more pics, but I guess that is all.
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