My armour so far, or, how to spend a weekend...


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Spent the weekend painting up my "hard" armour.

Bobamaker is the originator. Chest electronics from TK-409.


Close up of the bells:


I used chalks to weather them up, but the flash drives away most of it...

on the sticker, I just misted black on it before placing it, then used a small tool point to scratch the white lines.

Ab section:

Once I misted the parts with black, and let it dry, I used my index finger nail to make the black lines that you see. (again, most are flashed out) - but it looks pretty close to the lines on the actual prop, so I'm thinking most of them are from "wear and tear".

Kidney plate:

Now I am waiting for my vest to come back from the tailor, having jet pack slots sewed into it.
Buckeye_01 said:
How well did your TK-409 display fit? Did you have to modify the window in the armor?

After talking to TK-409 and BobaMaker, I knew I had to trim about 1mm from the slots to allow TK's display to fit.

It actually was easier to install then I thought it would be.

I used silver/black ESD (electrostatic device) bags to cover the slot.

First, I cut a piece to fit over the slots with about 1" overlap, CA in place.

Then, using a smaller bag, I inserted the circuit board inside it, then hot glued it in place. The bag is to prevent any water shorts from hitting the board.

I used hot glue in order to remove it if I have to in the future.

I covered the bag with tape to block light from coming in from behind. Since the display is "bright", it easily shines through two layers of plastic.


This is one of TK's new boards - the battery connection is on the bottom.

I plan on making a small slot in my vest to put the battery on the inside of it.
zombierepellent said:
That looks great what colors/brands did you use?

* Floquil Reefer Yellow
* Floquil Catwhisker Yellow
* Floquil Armor Yellow
* Model Masters US Med. Green
* Model Masters Yellow Zinc Chromate
* Krylon Semi-flat Black
* Krylon Chrome

Used windsor's masking fluid for the damage masking.
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