My 9year old Boba


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Hey guys we were going to show this off at Wiz World today but he got sick and we were unable to go. He would like as many comments on this as possible. He will be checking this thread so please keep it clean.

BTW the bucket was painted by our own BobaFettish. He did an amazing job!!!




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That is an awesome costume for a 9 year old. I wish mine would have been that cool when I was 9. BTW, Sweet ammo belt for such a little guy!!!(y)


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Sweet costume dude.

You're ready to go out into the universe and get some serious bounties.

No other costume at age 9 could possibly compete with Fett.

Kudos to BobaFettish too for the particularly nice paint job there. (y)


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A very big AMAZING!!! from Germany!!! I wish I had such an AWESOME Boba Fett costume when I was 9 years old... :D GREAT!!!


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Looks Great! We have some of the same gear, you can use half a plastic cup to create the undersides of the gauntlets. That way they cover your whole forearm. Nice job, and where did you get the helmet?



Everytime I see a kid-sized Fett, it makes me wish I'd been that cool when I was that age.

And that's one of the best kid Fetts I've seen, so awesome costume!


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It looks like your son has the same dilemma my son had with this helmet and that was that his eyes didn't line up with the horizontal part of the visor because either his head was too big or the dome was too shallow. From the pictures it looks like his eyes fall just below.

If that's the case, I've recently began working on converting a Rubies Jango for my son because that helmet is so small in size. I wonder how much larger a 95 DP is to the Rubies Jango and if that would be a better alternative?

Still looks really good though. However, my son being able to see safely was a big concern for me so I put him in a full size JD...but then it's not scaled and is really too heavy for him (he was sure to let me know at ComicCon) that's why I decided to go with a Rubies Jango.

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I had a 97 DP for him last year. Pretty ugly if you ask me. But his head just swims in it. I have not seen a 95 DP to know if it is any smaller than a 97 or not. One of the problems he had with the 97 was that in order for him to see out the horizontal part it had to rest on his shoulders. Well this will work for this year. Maybe something new next year. I guess it's a good thing that we have a 12 week old and he'll grown in to it.